STEAM-Driven Student Artwork

HPU Darwinists are challenged to produce STEAM-driven creative thoughts and actions.

STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, and Mathematics, based on the belief that the traditional STEM disciplines should include the Arts and Humanities to instill soft skills like interdisciplinary collaboration and creative thinking in a student’s course of study.

Some of the assignments tackled by HPU Darwinists are:

  • Evolution Revolution: in this capstone project student teams must conduct a self-experiment by spending 48 hours WITHOUT a human adaptation (biological or cultural) such as opposable thumbs, written or spoken language, fire, wheels, money, or music, and then capture the results of that experience in a work of STEAM-driven art.
  • Hunter & Gatherer Poems: many students claim they “aren’t creative,” but this project proves otherwise! Instead of crafting a poem from scratch, these HPU Darwinists use their ancient hunter and gatherer instincts to forage for poetic language within our assigned texts, and then adapt that language into a new literary form, the found poem.
  • STEAM Shuffles: why do we remember every lyric to a song we haven’t heard in years, but we can’t remember what we read last night? This project aims to change that by connecting course readings to musical tracks from the students’ own playlists, interpreted through our Darwinist critical lens. If evolution were a song, what would it sound like? These HPU Darwinists have some answers.

Here’s an Evolution Revolution  music video:

Here are some other works of Evolution Revolution art. See if you can figure out what human adaptation was sacrificed by each HPU Darwinist team:


IMG_0579CIMG3516IMG_0593IMG_1084IMG_1083CIMG3504CIMG3509CIMG3514CIMG3521EvoRevo_head and stomach