X-Men: God Loves Man Kills by Claremont & Anderson


Get your super powers here!
Today, with a little bit of engineering help it is possible to have powers like those of the X-Men. One can create their own deploying and retracting claws like wolverine. Will they be made out of adamantium? No, but let’s be honest, will your enemies know that?

But why stop there? We could then easily make ourselves able to shoot 12 ft flames out of wrists.

If you want to blast through walls like a juggernaut buy yourself some reinforced lead gloves and throw on a helmet to protect that lovely brain of yours!


But if you want to scare your friends buy yourself a supply of hair-growth serum and dye it any color you want.

Anything is possible with today’s technologies. We can even walk on a metal ceiling

What if a mutation in our genes could give us a resistance to viral infections, would you want it?

In order to keep our species alive from generation to generation we see natural selection as well as mutation. But in a world where technology is changing so much we are starting to dabble in the science of gene modification and selection. Which means, that the X-Men are closer to existence than we may think. As of late we have discovered the Autism gene as well as a gene coding that allows for a resistance to viral infections. What about the Tibetan mutation that allows them to survive at high altitudes? How about the mutation where your teeth don’t form enamel, so you’ll need many dental operations throughout your life? Would you want any of these gene codings for your children? With the advancement in science, soon it may be possible and we may all be X-Men.

During Juan Enriquez TED Talk he speaks about humans throughout evolution. Enriquez raises the question, “Are humans in mid-upgrade now?” He shows how technology is revealing evidence that suggest rapid evolution may be under way. (Link bellow for Juan Enriquez TED Talk)

TED Talk – Juan Enriquez

When reading or watching X-men you might wonder if it’s possible for humans to mutate and look like some of the characters. In reality it is not possible for a human to be born a mutant like the X-men. Although humans cannot be genetically modified to super human levels, they could be modified to mimic the best qualities of humans. Some examples are better memory or attention.  To learn more watch the video below.

Do you dream about being like an X-men character? One day it might be possible, watch the video below to learn more.

Are there humans that have superhuman abilities like the X-men? Although humans cannot turn blue, shoot lasers out of their eyes, turn invisible, etc. there are some with superhuman abilities.  Stan Lee, a comic book superhero creator, travels around the world searching for super-humans. He has found a man able to withstand an electric shock 30 times stronger than the amount that will kill an ordinary man. Lee has also found a man that can resist spears to his throat and metal drills to his head. Click on the link below to watch Stan Lee’s superhuman episodes and learn about the incredible things some humans can do.

Stan Lee’s Superhumans

“Many people will say it is morally acceptable to pull a switch that diverts a train, killing just one person instead of the five on the other track. But if asked to save the same five lives by throwing a person in the train’s path, people will say the action is wrong. This may be evidence for an ancient subconscious morality that deters causing direct physical harm to someone else. An equally strong moral sanction has not yet evolved for harming someone indirectly.” What would you do? Read more about it in the link below.

Is ‘Do Unto Others’ Written Into Our Genes?

“X-Man” Boy Can See in the Dark?

Can China’s cat-eyed boy really see in the dark?  Watch the video and read the article below to learn more about the mystery behind this boy.  Also, find out the science behind night vision.


X-Men Trailer


Interview with the Artist



Want to know more about the artist, Brent Anderson?  Follow the link below to read an interview with him.  Learn about what made him want to be a comic book artist.



This is an interesting article that talks about how all people are mutants in a way. This article argues that each human has around 60 different mutations in their genes, and there for all humans are mutants. This is an interesting concept in the way that it goes against what the book “X-Men: God loves man kills” in the sense that the main character “Stryker” is trying to kill all mutants. But in a way, this article argues that we are all mutants so he would have to wipe out all of the human race.


This article is interesting and talks about the genetics that are needed to make x-men. It also talks about species interbreeding and how x-men could be created.


Can the X-Men films teach us about genetics and mutations?  Find out how the X-Men movies are helping students learn.  Click below to learn the facts and myths behind the X-Men and their mutations.

Reel Science: X-Men: Days of Future Past

How are we all X-Men?  “Of course this fear of mutation in the comics is linked with the fact that real life genetic mutations often are related to disease states like cancer or sickle cell anemia.”  Learn why we should not fear mutations.  Also, learn about the science behind genetic mutations and how evolution plays a role in mutation’s existence.  Follow the link below to find out.

We’re All X-Men as Far as Genetic Mutations Go

Ever wish you had X-Men super powers?  Here are 9 people with X-Men-like mutant powers.

9 Humans With Real-Life X-Men Mutant Super Powers

Here’s some awesome facts about the X-Men comics that you most likely didn’t know!


Care to know the reasons for the adaptions and changes to “X-Men: Days of Future Past”? This little article gives some great insight as to why!



This is an NPR interview regarding “X-Men: The Last Stand” with screenwriter Zak Penn. This segment discusses how the subplots in X-Men closely relate to our issues in today’s society such as abortion, race, sexual orientation, and eugenics.