Trust is key

Trust is Key

Throughout the book The Road, many themes were present. The one that grasped my attention the most was trust. Trust is the one thing that keeps humans bonded together. Without it, there would be no adhesive or connection to others. To me few people understand how important trust is. In order to learn grow and develop you have to rely on this invaluable trait. The story The Road expresses trust profoundly through the relationship of the father and the boy. The boy’s only hope for survival is to be dependent on his father, he looks up to him in hopes of a better future. Even when the boy isn’t sure of what is right and wrong or even if the father is always displaying good, he has to rely on trust. Other people the father and the boy run into also display some version of trust. The father is reluctant to let his guard down for anyone, while the boy is incredibly inviting, even to Ely and the thief when they tried to do harm to the boy. The important concept here is to determine the critical essentials in life that allows humans to persevere even through desperate times. Mastering the right qualities in life will guarantee evolution.

—Found poem by Connor Cottrell, excerpted from The Road, by Cormac McCarthy (2006). New York: Kindle Edition, pp. 3, 24, 14, 40, 185, 188


The air grew thin

Perhaps tomorrow,

Tomorrow came and went.

I always believe you,

Yes I do, I have to.


Who is it?

I don’t know,

Who is anybody?


What if the bad guys saw it?

The light was failing.

I don’t know what we’re doing.


Are we going to die?

He held the boy close to him.

Everything trembling.

The boy clung to him crying,

His head buried against his chest.

It’s gone now.

We’re alright.


How do I know your one of the good guys?

You have my whole heart,

You always did.

I think I want to say goodbye to him.

Okay I might, but we’re not dying.


McCarthy, Cormac. The Road. New York: Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, 2006. Kindle Edition. Kindle AZW File.


American Kids

The song I have chosen to connect to the book The Year of the Flood is American kid by Kenny Chesney. I chose this song, because not only is Kenny Chesney “the man” but its an amazing song, and after many painstaking seconds thinking of a more suitable lyric I thought what the hell, why not. In my opinion, The Year of the flood connects to this song through adaptation.

Toby, one of the main characters in the book is trapped in a spa during a time of despair. In the beginning of the story Toby lives a normal life, with her mother and father. This all would soon change. The world is completely in shambles. Big corporations run everything, the land is a wasteland, and to top it off animals are being genetically joined together. Luckily for Toby there is a little food, but most importantly she is safe. Toby is able to survive through her previous knowledge of being a gardener. She is able to adapt to the new situation he is thrown in and still perseveres, for if she didn’t she would surely be dead. The song American kid by Kenny Chesney reminds me of this scenario, because it is solely about a normal kid living his life. Unfortunately for Toby her life kind of stinks, but she is still pushing through. In the song the one of the lines is “a little messed up but we’re all alright” This is a great way to put it. Yes the situation isn’t the best, but she is alive, and out of all the places to be stranded a spa isn’t such a bad gig. Even after terrible events such as her father taking his life, and her mother dying of an illness, she still pushes on trying to better her life. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems. Toby is able to clear her identity to get out of serious debt, and even able to escape a rapist. One of the saving grace’s for Tobey is when she joins the Gardeners.

Not only is Toby adapting to the surroundings, but the corporations are as well. The corporations see this time to produce more power for themselves by telling people they must use there medicine, or lethal injections to help with their imperfections. In this story there are two social classes. There are people that live in corporate compounds, and then there are people that live in pleabands. Pleabands is the slums where the poor people live. The corporations also use brutal violence in order to keep the world in place. Throughout the book, no governments are mentioned, and it appears that everything is run by the corporations. This is in part due to the fact that the corporations are in control of corpsecorps, which is basically an evil police force. The Corpsecorps acts only in the interest of the corporations and nothing else. Toby is able to see how the corporate punishments are only beneficial to some people while doing incredible harm to others. Through her eyes we gain an understanding of how evil the corporations are.

This all relates to adaptation, because the corporations see an opportunity to be in full control through wealth and power. Relating back to the song American kid, one of the lines goes “ blowing that smoke on Saturday night” This coincides with the corporations, because it displays the kids wrong doing in life. The kids know that it is wrong however, they are doing whatever they want regardless of the consequences. The corporations are doing the same thing. There actions are wrong and evil, however they still do them regardless. Granted this song is a little lit hearted compared to the evil and destruction caused by the corporations, but it still portrays the common knowledge that people are all going to do bad things even harmless kids. — Link to lyrics of the song.