Save me – Phil Kreis

Cleansing the Earth by The Stryker Crusade
This is his goal and many graves he has made

Please let me ” stop n rest”, little Jill cried
They were following her and her life would be denied

“Mark, why?” don’t die, Jill cried some more
Little did she know an execution was in store

Such wickedness Stryker does show
Bring in the X men and kill them in one blow

Extraordinary abilities, these Mutants are gifted.
Some out for all good and others goals are twisted

A preacher, soldier, father, or murderer
Who are you?
Destroying lives and no one knew

Mutants, “part of the natural process of Evolution” are they?
Stryker says, “never” and others say okay!

Stryker is shot, right in his chest
The security guard thought this was best
“Purifier” he sought to be
Arraigned due to his killings,”Blam!”
Behind bars he goes, slam!
—Save me poem by Phillip Kreis excerpted from X Men God Loves,Man Kills, by Chris Claremont and Brent Anderson (2014), Marvel Worldwide Inc., pp. 1, 2, 7, 29, 47, 59, 60


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