Phil Kreis steam shuffle

The song “I’ll make a man out of you” featured in the Disney movie Mulan, is a perfect song that can connect to “X-men: God loves, Man kills.” This song is about an Army training for war. It is for sure one of many songs that I know by heart because of the seriousness of the beat and universal relevance of the movie. Many people remember hundreds of songs by heart even if they are songs that you do not like; this is certainly not one of those. I believe this song will help me or anyone remember the content and meaning of “X-Men: God loves, man kills.” Music helps our help brains light up and this is the perfect way to end such a complex Literature course.

Just like this song in Mulan, this story had a major impact on the second X-Men movie, X2. Also just like this song, X-Men has stood the test of time. X-Men and the Mutants portray intolerance, prejudice and injustice, which at that time was shown through the Cold War; this song has to do with the Chinese upcoming battle with the Huns. The lyrics start off with “Let’s get down to business…” and along with the beat of the song, you can tell how serious the tone is which relates perfectly to the themes portrayed in X-Men. This song shows the main characters’ struggles they had prior to battle and how they overcame those struggles. X-Men is written in the view where the personal lives of the mains characters was the main focus. The Huns are clearly the villains in this song while the villain in X-Men was Reverend William Stryker. His hatred for the mutant kind came from an evangelical fervour that he was doing God’s work. This song certainly portrays the hatred towards the Huns and how determined they are to protect their country China.


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