STEAM Shuffle

Jordan Bydume

Professor Walker

ENG 2200-01

9 July 2014

X-Men: God Loves Man Kills is a graphic novel about a group of mutants who are being  hunted by a Reverend who wants to kill them for just being mutants. This man believes that the Bible and God are telling him to kill these people because they are different when in reality that is not true at all. The X-Men team up with Magneto to save Professor X, and capture Stryker. It seems as if all will go back to the normal, but Magneto leaves with a daunting warning about Stryker’s followers and how they will follow him no matter his sentence or what happens to him. 

The song I have chose to associate with this graphic novel is Superpower by Beyonce. In this song Beyonce and Frank Ocean sing about no matter how hard “They” try they can’t be stopped or held down because together they have plenty of superpower. The evolutionary concept that aligns with this song and the X-Men novel is natural selection. Natural selection is a term that means some individuals have genetically-based traits that improve their rate of survival and pass these traits on to their offspring which means that their lineage will last much longer. People with these traits will be able to survive things that others cannot which keeps others from stopping them. This gene becomes most important for the children of those who have been naturally selected because they could possibly populate the world with many more people like themselves, and dominate. 

There is a scene in the X-Men novel in which the X-men are practicing using their powers  by doing a simulation. “Guys let’s see what happens if we change the rules” (10). Kitty says this when their initial actions fail them, this part of the novel shows how the X-men can use their powers in different ways than usual. This scene gives the perfect example of how when needed these superheroes can find new ways to survive that regular humans would not even fathom. Another scene involving Kitty is when she phases into the ground to get a better view of the intruders “It’s a lot like swimming only earth is a far more medium for her than water and she can’t see where she’s going…She hopes she reaches cover before she runs out of air (chapter 2). Kitty has an amazing superpower and is able to phase through any substance to escape or check out a situation. The gene that allows her to do this gives her a higher rate of survival because is she did not have this power she would have been caught like Illyana. The X-Men display powers that no human could ever imagine to possess, and they were born with them so difficult tasks such as walking under ground become easy.

Some of the lyrics to Superpower by Beyonce and Frank Ocean are, “Cause together we got plenty superpower/Couldn’t break us down, they couldn’t break us down”. Beyonce is singing about herself and everyone like her who has ever been judged, criticized, or almost defeated by a higher power. This imaginary superpower that all of these people posses is what has kept them surviving all these years, longer than anyone else because they are strong and will not be broken down. Beyonce is also implying that those who’s genes have been naturally selected can be even more powerful when they stick together, this proves to work very well in the music video because she and all of her friends gather to fight a force that would be impossible defeat by themselves. 

X-Men: God Loves Man Kills and Superpower have a lot in common because they both send a message about power and being stopped by those who feel they do not belong. In a world full of conformity those that have been naturally selected and possess this gene are more important than one would ever imagine. The real world is much different from the novel X-Men, today the x-men are admired by so many people around the world because they are different and can survive much longer than any normal human being. Beyonce is also praised for promoting difference and empowerment for girls all around the world. In the end of X-Men Stryker who proved to be the weaker being was captured and held until it was time for his sentencing, and in Superpower the evil force was defeated, and only the strong were to survive. 



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