Wash away, Wash away

the day after tomorrow

we might all be drowning in our sorrow

so go find all of your loved ones

and don’t forget to grab onto your buns


the day of the flood has come

wash away, wash away

to run away, or wash away like a bum

wash away, wash away


thinking of your past

and wishing it wasn’t your last

gathering up enough food

to last until your last mood


you wonder how you made it

you guess it’s just the right fit

this little safe place you found of yours

when all you hear outside is pours


you wonder how long you can survive

with just a gun and food and no one alive

you have to make do with what you see

because everything else is up in debris


you learned how to adapt in this lonely place

you stared in the mirror to look at your face

but why does it matter anymore how you look

when all you have is your life in a book.


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