She’s a Rebel Child

X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills

By Chris Claremont

God Loves Her

By Toby Keith



“She’s a rebel child

And a preachers daughter”

“If he’ll do that to those he loves most, think of how simple it will be to unleash him against total strangers”


Adaption is an evolutionary theme that consists of natural selection and having certain traits that can be advantageous to survival and reproduction. Both these quotes from the song “God love her” and the book “X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills” show examples of adaption in an evolutionary literature field. Many people think being raised by a preacher means strict rules and strict religious beliefs. A child should adapt to this kind of world being raised in such a way. However, the girl in this song is strayed away from this world and fell in love with a dangerous country boy; according to her parents. She then has adapted into this rebel world riding on motorcycles and going out of control. She does still keep a part of her past by holding onto her Bible and saving the wild man she was with from the devil. This is similar to the book because, unlike preachers daughters, mutants are most of the time looked at as “bad”. These mutants in “X-Men” show examples of how they have adapted to the world of saving people from danger. They have to listen to everyone around them shatter and hate on their powers, saying how dangerous and terrifying they are. They learned to use their powers for good, even though people do not believe that. These mutants could easily turn bad just because that’s what is thought of them anyways but like the preachers daughter they go against what people usually stereotype them to be. The advantage of being a preacher’s daughter is people always thinking you live in a good world and this could be helpful for survival because being “good” can save people. These mutants also have an advantageous trait for saving people: their powers. This song is about a preacher’s daughter who runs off with a guy on a motorcycle and who was baptized in dirty water. This says that this young girl was rebellious and maybe tired of living in the perfect world. She was turned on by this bad boy, country boy seen enough to run off with him and almost leave her old life behind completely. However, the song notes that she holds onto her Bible on the back of the motorcycle meaning that she cannot let go completely. The song blames her rebellious self on being baptized in dirty water. The meaning of the book “X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills” is to show that these mutants, each having their own special powers, can actually use their powers for good and saving the world. There are many relations to the Bible in this Book. God makes man but who creates these mutants? They were special creatures maybe made by scientists. I believe the reason why the book is called God loves, Man kills is because the “normal” people in this book are the ones killing and the mutants are the ones full of love and saving. They are dangerous in a way like people think, but only dangerous when they need to be. They are violent to the bad guys and this is what keeps their powers alive. They need to use their powers, but they use them for good. If Toby Keith and Claremont were to sit down and talk about evolution together I think they might think in a similar ways or have common beliefs. I think Toby Keith would believe that a person can stray away from their old habits, but their genes that they were made from will always be in their blood, as portrayed by this song. Claremont would believe similarly because even though these mutants are doing good for the people of the world, they still are using what powers their genes gave them for violence. Both the mutants and the young girl are not straying too far from their original genes.




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Marvel, 2011. Print.


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