Father and Son’s Bond

I chose parental investment because it is an evolutionary idea seen throughout the novel The Road by Cormac McCarthy. The father plays a huge role in the novel by being extremely invested in his son. He even says that if it weren’t for his son, he would not be able to go on living. He stays strong through the book in order for his son to live his life. He also gives the son a Pepsi bottle instead of keeping it for himself because it may be the only one the son will ever be able to have. He teaches the son techniques for survival as well. I want my readers to understand that parental investment is very important because it gives children hope and strength to succeed in life. It structures your children to be able to grow up to have enough knowledge for survival. Children look up to their parents to teach them new things and help them move forward. I want my readers to feel the importance of parental investment. Parents need to take responsibility for their children and teach them right from wrong as well as the methods to survive in this world.

Father & Son’s Bond

He withdrew his hands slowly
sat looking at a coca cola
“It’s a treat. For you”
“You have some, papa, I want you to drink it”
camped against a boulder
He made a shelter of poles with a tarp
The man held the boy’s feet against his stomach
to warm them
Waterfall fell into the pool
The boy stood up, undressed and walked out into the water
He held him and floated him about
Boy, gasping and chopping at the water
You’re doing good, the man said
He banked the fire against the steam of rocks
He built it; he strung the tarp to reflect the heat
While he told the boy stories
Old stories of courage and justice

“The Father and Son’s Bond” by Gina Giammalvo, excerpted from The Road by Cormac McCarthy, pp. 23, 30, 36, 38, 39, & 41


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