The Search for Contentment

Rejection is something feared by most. It is rejection and the hatred of the rejected that fuels resentment, war, and even genocide. Claremont-Anderson’s X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills, allows one to see the power of rejection and the effect it can have on the well-being of a species. In this case, Homo sapiens and Homo superior. Homo superiors, otherwise known as Mutants, are not accepted among many Homo sapiens. The hatred of the Homo superior species almost results in its extinction. But through the concept of morality, the two species embark on a journey that resembles the Red Queen hypothesis theory of evolution: “a hypothesis that states that as a species evolves, it is not less likely to go extinct because, as it evolves, its competitors, prey, and predators also evolve, making its chance of avoiding extinction constant over time.” The mutants demonstrate moral character towards the Homo sapiens even though they are looked at with hatred. It is this moral character that has the ability to bring the two species together thus, decreasing the chances of extinction. A world where contentment flourishes invites it’s inhabitants to thrive.


The search for contentment

–A found poem by James P. Willis, excerpted from X-Men: God loves, Man Kills, by Chris Claremont – Brent Anderson, pp. 3, 11, 12, 29, 35, 47, 54, 60, & 62


Their only crime is that they had been born

So young… So innocent…

Millions believe us evil

No rights

No protection


I should be used to this

Time does not make it easier to take.

We haven’t a hope if we do what’s expected of us.

They’re after me! Help!


Genocide in the name of God,

A story as old as the race.

Any who oppose must die.


Is this Holy?


If we use our foes’ methods,

How then are we better then they?


We can only counter them with saner words of our own.

Contentment breeds tranquility,

Should the fates be kind.


You brought us together to fulfill a dream.

From that caring comes love.

A hand is held out in friendship.


Claremont, Chris, Brent Anderson. X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills.

New York, NY: Marvel, 2011. 3-62 Print.



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